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body-treatments (1)Anti-Cellulite Treatment: This very effective anti cellulite treatment is a combination of dry brushing, an all natural coffee body scrub application, and myofascial massage. With our treatment process, we are able to break up the fatty tissue and offer a significant reduction in cellulite. For best results treatments should be performed 2/3 times a week for 2-3 weeks. $125 
Detox Body Treatment: This full body detox treatment includes dry brushing, an all natural detox body scrub, followed by a full lymphatic drainage massage. Made to eliminate toxins from the body and boost the body’s lymphatic system. Great for weight loss purposes. For regular detox purposes we recommend one treatment once a month.  Add our detox body wrap to your treatment for an additional fee. $140
Body Wraps: Choose from our 4 Body Wraps including the Basic Body Wrap, Detox Body Wrap, Weight Loss Body Wrap, Stress Relief Body Wrap. $80
Body Shaping: Designed to target one specific area on the body, (ex. thighs, stomach, buttocks) this treatment uses a combination of myofascial massage therapy, lymphatic drainage to shape the body. Only one area per treatment session.  $85
Facial treatment: This facial detox treatment leaves your skin tone bright and rejuvenated. This treatment includes an all natural facial mask followed by a relaxing facial massage. Choose from 3 kinds of mask, refreshing mask, stress relief mask, and detox mask.  $95
Reflexology Treatment: Includes An All natural Sugar Foot Scrub and Detox Foot Soak followed by a Reflexology session. See “Alternative Healing” for Reflexology Description. $125

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