Massage Therapy Services

mt2Swedish Massage: Consisting of long gentle strokes, promoting relaxation and enhancing your body’s circulation, this type of Massage is mainly to help relieve stress.
Deep Tissue Massage: Deep Tissue Massage is made to relieve pain from the body using deep pressure during the massage.
*Lymphatic Drainage: Using light strokes, lymphatic drainage works by enhancing your lymphatic system promoting detoxification. Great for post surgery treatment after liposuction and/or tummy tuck procedure. $110/60min
Trigger Point Therapy: Concentrates on releasing and eliminating Trigger Points throughout the body. Trigger Points form where oxygen is not circulating in the body causing centers for pain.
*Reflexology:  Ancient Eastern practice that uses thumb and finger pressure on areas of the feet that correspond to areas of the body, relieving tension and promoting wellness. $90/45min
*Prenatal: Designed specifically for the Mom-to-Be, prenatal massage is made to help promote comfort and relaxation during the mother’s pregnancy. Special techniques can be used to help promote an easier delivery as well during the 3rd trimester. Please be sure to specify the need for prenatal massage. (Only after 1st trimester) $115/60min $165/90min
Aromatherapy Massage: The use of Essential oils incorporated throughout the massage session. Can be added to any modality with the exception of Prenatal Massage.
Sports Massage: Enhances one’s energy level using deep pressure strokes and stretching techniques to enhance Range of Motion in the body. Used for Athletes and Physically Active Individuals.
*Tantra Massage: Tantra is a type of massage that uses sacred intimate energy to achieve a higher state of consciousness. It enhances the solar plexus chakra and draws a complete connection between itself, the sacral chakra, the heart chakra, and the crown chakra. For Men $350/60min $450/90min $600/2hr For Women *Yoni Massage $300/60min $400/90min $550/2hr
Massage Therapy Services are priced based on time (excluding specialty massages*):
  • $65/30min Massage 
  • $80/45min Massage
  • $100/60min Massage 
  • $125/75min Massage 
  • $150/90min Massage 
  • $200/2hrs Massage 
Add-Ons (you can add on any of the following modalities to your massage session)
  • Aromatherapy : $20 per session
  • Sugar Foot Scrub: $25 per session 
  • Face Massage: $25 per session
  • Hot Stone: $40 per session
  • Crystal Therapy: $40 per session
  • Aura Cleansing & Chakra Balancing: $35 per session
  • Reiki: $45 per session

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