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Client Reviews 

Customer: Private  Date:   
Rating: 5 Stars
Laurel was very warm, welcoming and professional. She provided a great
Customer:    Amenah Smith Date:   
Rating:  5 Stars
Lauren was my massage therapist. She’s very good. She’s very welcome and friendly.
She asked me the first minutes if  I was comfortable with the
pressure she was giving me. Frankly I enjoyed it so much I almost fell
asleep. It was so good, time flies like a blink of an eye. After my 1
hr session, I felt so relax and rejuvenated. I can’t wait for my next
session next week.
Customer:    Laura Stubbs
Rating:   5 Stars
Lauren was very professional, thorough and she addressed my areas of
concern — for me, my main area was my lower back. The massage was very
relaxing. This was my first massage, I am certain
that my next massage will be even better,
Customer:    Marcelle Cobb
Rating:   5 Stars
Lauren is the best! Wonderful experience…It’s so much easier to turn
my neck after the massage!
Customer:    India Rose Date:    
Rating: 5 Stars
Lauren is wonderful. Enjoyed the services. Thank you!
Customer: Shirley Bell
Rating:   5 Stars
Comment:  Big thanks to Lauren for the massage she gave me it was great and she applied just the right
amount of pressure. I previously had a deep tissue message with some
else before her although I felt okay when it was being done I guess my
body wasn’t ready for that, because I could still feel some pain a
couple of days later.
Customer:  Marcelle Cobb
Rating: 5 Stars
Gardening tensed up my neck muscles. Thankfully Lauren was able to
relax them again so I could turn my head. She’s very knowledgeable and
has great instincts!
Customer: Jason Scarborough
Rating:  5 Stars
Lauren is just wonderful, she really takes her art of massage therapy
seriously. She always seems to work out all of my aches and pains.
Kudos to You
Customer: Blaine Reyes Date:     
Rating: 5 Stars
Enjoyed my first Reiki session ever and Lauren was a pleasure to speak
and work with. Lauren’s personality is calming yet she’s full of smiles
and enthusiasm. She explained the process beforehand and asked what I
wanted to focus on. At the end of the session she spent a few minutes
speaking with me. Excellent service provided!
Thank you For Visiting Us -Massage Goddess Management

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